• Professional software for HR agencies and in-house recruitment


Staffico is a Web 3.0 based solution armed with lightweight and sophisticated collaboration tools, social networking and media sharing. It delivers an answer to all the challenges in the HR industry of tomorrow.

Why Staffico


Multiply the power and productivity of your recruitment value chain by utilizing the rich set of functionalities in Staffico.

Cross tenant collaboration

Get a clear answer to the challenges of the Digital age in HR thanks to easy Job sharing and real-time collaboration between different tenants users.


An all-in-one innovative solution with state of the art, disruptive collaboration technology

  • Clear and friendly UI
  • Runs on any browser
  • Multitenant architecture
  • Hosted in Tier-4, ISO27001 certified secure datacenter

  • Candidate Management

    • Create candidate profile
    • Automatic CV import and parsing
    • Candidate history tracking
    • Interview scheduling
    • Candidate feedback management
    • Multichannel candidate communication
    Candidate Management
  • Social Recruiting

    • Import candidates from social networks profiles (LinkedIn, XING)
    • Publish job posts to social platforms
    • Job post analytics
    • Receiving applications and automatically assigning the candidates to the corresponding jobs
    Social Recruiting
  • Reporting & Dashboards

    • Standard project reports
    • Customizable project reports
    • Configurable personal dashboards
    • Configurable project dashboards
    • Configurable management dashboards
    • Custom report widgets
    Reporting and Dashboards
  • Order Management

    • Client management
    • Proposal management
    • Order management
    • Contract management
    Order Management
  • Agency Management

    • Choose which openings to send to selected agencies
    • Agencies can review jobs and submit candidates
    • Compare and analyze agencies’ performance according to your needs
    Agency Management
  • Web 3.0 UI

    • Intuitive and self-explanatory screens
    • Large buttons, clear CTAs, descriptive icons and helpful imagery
    • Minimalistic look and feel which improves application interactivity and responsiveness
    • Application sidebars, Help button, collapsible menus
    • Visual differentiation of different entities and elements using color coded lists
    Web 3.0 UI
  • Communication & Cross tenant collaboration

    • Cross tenant communication (candidate timeline, email)
    • Job share and import
    • Work in a dedicated team environment per job
    • Discover colleagues and assign them to jobs (in projects)
    • Employees can review their profiles, display the jobs and projects they are assigned on
    Project Management

    • Fully customizable email templates and signatures
    • Easy to use job post templates and application form setup
    4D Collaboration



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Product Manager

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Marketing Manager


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Sales Manager, USA

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